Program & Events

  • May 25, 2016 -- Professor Ken Stein, "One-State or Two States in the Israeli-Palestinian Arena, or are Neither Possible: What can we Learn from the 1970s Success of Begin, Sadat, and Carter?" Centre Communautaire Laic Juif, Brussels, Belgium
  • May 26, 2016 -- Professor Ken Stein, "Changing Middle East and the US Administration: An American Perspective," Delegation for relations with Israel, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
  • May 30, 2016 -- Professor Ken Stein, "Israel’s relevance in the Jewish world in the 21st century," Jewish Community in Milan, Italy
  • May 30, 2016 -- Professor Ken Stein, "The British, Arab, Zionist Triangle in Palestine: How did the Zionists succeed in building the nucleus for a state by 1939?" Jewish Community Center, MA students, Milan, Italy
  • May 31, 2016 -- Professor Ken Stein, "Israel's Challenges Facing New Middle Eastern Developments," Jewish Community in Rome, Italy
  • May 31, 2016 -- Professor Ken Stein, "History, Meaning, and Impact of a One State or Two State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Comparison to the 1970s," Informal Meeting, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome, Italy
  • June 6, 2016 –- Professor Ken Stein and Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser, "Toronto Rabbinic Israel Enrichment Seminar," Toronto, CA 
  • June 26-30, 2016, -- 15th annual CIE/ISMI Workshop for pre-collegiate teachers. "History, Culture and Politics of Modern Israel" will be held in Atlanta, GA.

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