Program & Events

  • June 25-29, 2017, The 16th annual CIE/ISMI Workshop for pre-collegiate teachers. "History, Culture and Politics of Modern Israel" Atlanta, GA 
  • April 2, 2017 -- Ken Stein, Anita Shapira, Dennis Ross, Itamar Rabinovich, Hussein Ibish, Luci Baines Johnson, Lynda Johnson Robb, Mark Updegrove, Joseph Califano, Jane Eisner, and Deborah Lauter, "The Six Day War: A Fifty year Retrospective," 92Y, New York, NY
  • March 27-31, 2017 -- Rich Walter, "Atlanta Jewish Academy Upper School Israel Seminar," Atlanta, GA

About ISMI

What We Do at ISMI

  • Founded in 1998, we are the OLDEST permanent Israel academic center in the United States.
  • ISMI has supported twelve Israel Visiting Scholars who have taught 600 students in 35 courses. 

  • ISMI offers enriching internships to a select few Emory students every semester

  • ISMI conducts Israel education workshops for teachers across the country