Dr. Paul Rivlin

Dr. Paul Rivlin is a Senior Research Fellow at the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University. He recieved his PhD from the University of London. His research focuses on Middle East economics.

In 2008, Dr. Rivlin taught the following courses as a visiting Israeli scholar at the Emory University Deparment of Economics and Department of History:

The Israeli Economy (Spring 2008)

This course traces the history of the pre-independence and modern economy, examining the role of population growth and immigration, problems of inflation and stabilization, the balance of payments and sectoral developments. It analyzes the role of the Histadrut, the defense budget, the economics of the peace process of the 1990s, and Israel's integration into the world economy. The effects of the second Intifada and the current rapid growth of the economy are also examined.

The International Oil Market and the Political Economy of the Middle East (Spring 2008)

This course examines the connections between the world's reliance on oil and the political economy of the Middle East. The first part of the course examines world energy markets and their development, with emphasis on the USA. It then places oil consumption into the wider energy context. The rise of China and India as energy consumers is also examined and some environmental issues are analyzed. The second part of the course looks at the Middle East as an oil supplier: what was the role of the West and how renter states have come into being. Economic and strategic conclusions are drawn.