Annual Giving Opportunities

Show your support for Israel Education by choosing one of these annual giving levels.


Salary support for a visiting Israeli scholar on a modern Israeli topic (one year)


Salary support for release time from teaching for the Director in order to create Israel education materials (one semester)


Salary support for an ISMI research assistant (one year)


Salary support for a senior visiting Israeli faculty or diplomat on a modern Israeli topic (one semester)


Salary support for a post-doctoral appointment on modern Israeli topic (one year)


Annual conference on modern Israel at Emory


Salary support for a writer of curriculum for middle school or high school pertaining to modern Israel


Salary support for a translator of Hebrew to English monographs to enhance historiography of modern Israel  (one year)


A Curriculum Initiative Workshop- outreach to camps, schools, congregations, and non-Jewish audiences (one a year)


A series of two lectures annually on a modern Israeli topic at Emory