Named Endowment Opportunities

Establishing an endowment is a visionary and generous act that will give ISMI a competitive edge now and far into the future. Donors who choose to establish endowed funds often do so in honor or memory of someone who has made a difference in their lives. In doing so, they create legacies of leadership. Here are several naming and endowment opportunities available at ISMI.


Dedication of the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel (given over time)


Underwriting support for the Director's position (provide released time from full-time teaching for Director to devote to Israel education)


Salary support for the endowed Professorship in Israeli/Zionist Studies to sustain undergraduate and graduate teaching at Emory College in perpetuity


Salary support for the Associate Director’s position


Support for an annual ISMI-sponsored trip to Israel for one week for 20 students and staff


Salary support for a curriculum writer to enhance Israel education in universities and colleges


Salary support for a post-doctoral fellowship in modern Israeli history, society, politics, or culture (one semester)



Underwriting support for a senior lecturer in modern Israeli history, society, politics, or culture, Hebrew language, and/or literature (one semester)


Salary support for 15 student internships at ISMI (annually)



Support for two lectures annually for undergraduates and graduates, staff, and the general public pertaining to Modern Israeli history, politics, economics, and culture