Liebross-Mendelson Israel Enrichment Fund for Study in Israel

What is the Liebross-Mendelson Israel Enrichment Fund at Emory University?

On the occasion of their wedding in August 2004, Joanna Liebross (2000C) and Lee Mendelson (1994C) established the Liebross-Mendelson Israel Enrichment Fund (LMIEF), honoring the fact that Israel and Emory brought them together. To foster an association with Israel, LMIEF aims at facilitating an Emory undergraduate's academic or work experience in Israel, typically for a summer, but where merit warrants it, a semester abroad in Israel.

What is the award?

Typically a grant of $1,000 or more will be given to LMIEF grant recipients.

What are the requirements and application process for an LMIEF award?

Rising Emory sophomores, juniors, or seniors who have a GPA of 3.2 or better, preferably that have never been to Israel, and have plans to participate in a full-time academic or work program in Israel are encouraged to apply.

While knowledge of modern Hebrew is not a prerequisite for consideration for a grant, it will increase an applicant's chances for receiving an award.

To apply, each applicant must submit the following documents:

  • A 500-word essay, outlining the qualities, skills and expertise he/she will bring to the proposed experience, and how this experience will contribute to his/her academic and/or career goals;
  • At least one letter of recommendation from an Emory faculty member (in a signed, sealed envelope);
  • An unofficial transcript from OPUS; and
  • A brochure/web print-out of the proposed service/learning organization.

Applications are due December 1 for spring travel and April 1 for summer/fall travel, and should be sent to:

Eli Sperling -

Questions can be addressed to Heather Waters via email at

What are the requirements after receipt of an LMIEF award?

Upon their return, recipients must:

  • Submit to the selection committee a 1-page report of their experiences, within one month of returning from Israel; and
  • Deliver one public presentation about (or published account of) their experiences, at Emory or in their home communities, during their first semester back in the United States.  This could be at a civic organization or religious institution, or in a classroom setting.

How can I make a contribution to LMIEF?

Please send inquiries about contributions to Heather Waters

Some previous award-recipients: 


Kurtis Anderson, Emory Law 2017
Project: Internship with Israeli Supreme Court

Amin Sadri, Emory Law 2017
Project: Internship with Israeli Supreme Court

Daniel Weiss, Emory 2018
Project: Onward Israel internship Program