2020 Stein Family Lecture Panelists

Alan Abramowitz

Alan Abramowitz is the Alben W. Barkley Professor of Political Science at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Abramowitz has authored half a dozen books, and a wealth of contributions to edited volumes and scholarly journals. His academic focus encompasses political parties, elections, and voting behavior in the United States. At Emory, he teaches American politics courses. Alan is one of the nations leading forecasters of presidential and congressional elections.  His “generic ballot” model correctly predicted that Democrats would regain control of the House of Representatives while Republicans would retain control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm election. He received his B.A. from the University of Rochester in 1969 and his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1976.  Dr. Abramowitz’s newest book, The Great Alignment: Race, Party Transformation and the Rise of Donald Trump, was published by Yale University Press in 2018.

Recent Publications:

Alan Abramowitz, It’s the Pandemic, Stupid! A Simplified Model for Forecasting the 2020 Presidential Election, UVA| Center for Politics August 4, 2020, https://centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/its-the-pandemic-stupid-a-simplified-model-for-forecasting-the-2020-presidential-election/

Alan Abramowitz and Jonathan Krasno, Opinion: The need to fix Ga’s broken elections  systems, Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 2, 2020, https://www.ajc.com/news/opinion/opinion-the-need-fix-broken-elections-systems/ILNBKgn4o3WMDefbT1nKvM/

Alan Abramowitz, Comparing National Polls in 2016 and 2020, June 16, 2020, UVA| Center for Politics, https://centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/comparing-national-polls-in-2016-and-2020/


Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy is a nationally syndicated columnist, journalist and political analyst.  She has covered Congress and national politics for Roll Call, The Daily Beast, The Washington Post and AOL’s Politics Daily.  Prior to working in journalism, she worked on Capitol Hill for three U.S. senators Patricia graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in French literature and holds a master’s degree with honors from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.  She lives in Atlanta with her family, but can often be found somewhere en route to either Capitol Hill or a 2020 primary state.

Recent Publications:

Patricia Murphy, Stop Saving Businesses and Start Saving Schools, Roll Call, September 28, 2020, https://www.rollcall.com/2020/07/28/stop-saving-businesses-and-start-saving-schools/

Patricia Murphy, About those "Suburban Housewives,” Roll Call, July 8, 2020, https://www.rollcall.com/2020/07/08/the-moms-are-not-all-right/

Patricia Murphy, The Most Important Document You May Ever Read, Roll Call, October 15, 2019, https://www.rollcall.com/2019/10/15/the-most-important-document-you-may-ever-read/


Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet is the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times. She has appeared on CNN and other outlets as an analyst. Sweet has a Masters Degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She also attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Sweet is a former fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. Sweet is in Northwestern University’s Medill Hall of Achievement and was named by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the capital’s “50 Top Journalists.”

Recent Publications:

Lynn Sweet, Barack Obama, Joe Biden buddy up in 2020 campaign video punching at Donald Trump, Chicago Sun Times, July 23, 2020, https://chicago.suntimes.com/columnists/2020/7/23/21336228/barack-obama-joe-biden-buddy-up-in-2020-democratic-campaign-video-punching-at-donald-trump

Lynn Sweet, President Trump puts off plans to save lives in Chicago so he can have an ‘exciting’ news conference next week, Chicago Sun Times, July 15, 2020,  https://chicago.suntimes.com/columnists/2020/7/15/21326545/trump-suggests-he-can-save-lives-in-chicago-puts-off-plans-exciting-news-conference-next-week

Lynn Sweet and Jim Warren on the Media, November 25, 2019, (56 minute video – start 9:46), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3X1TJfm7Ag


Ken Stein

Ken Stein, teaches and writes about Contemporary Middle Eastern History, Political Science and Israel Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He has earned university wide recognition for life- long mentorship of students, teaching excellence and institution building. He established the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel in 1998, the first permanent Institute or Center created in the U.S. for the study of modern Israel. In 2008, he established the Center for Israel Education (CIE). Ken is the author of seven books, numerous papers and scholarly articles, and is the prime content writer for www.israeled.org with more than 30,000 users per week.  His expertise focuses on the origins of Israel, the conflict, Middle Eastern history, and U.S. - Israeli relations.  Ken did his graduate work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the University of Michigan. His wife Lynn was COH’s second president.

Recent Publications:

Ken Stein, Israel-United Arab Emirates Recognition, August 13, 2020, https://israeled.org/israel-united-arab-emirates-recognition/

Ken Stein, US-Israel Relationship, in The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society, November 2018, https://israeled.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Oxford-Handbook-History-of-the-US-Israel-Relatonship-2.pdf

Ken Stein, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has merit, not harm, December 13, 2017, https://israeled.org/trump-recognition-jerusalem-israels-capital/