Photo Collections

Online Photo Collections for Zionist and Israeli History.

Attention users - beware of copyright permissions in using these collections.

ISMI Staff, January 2014

An amazing assortment of photos chronicling 1920-1948 in Palestine/Israel. Includes photos of both Arabs and Jews.

Stunning collection of late 19th Century photos, recolored. Shows what "A visitor to the Holy Land between 1890 and 1900 would have encountered."

The Israeli Government Press Office Flickr page has a wide variety of archival photos that cover the British Mandate through today. Rare photos that capture military, society, culture and Israeli landscapes make this website a must have for an educator teaching about Israel.

The Israeli Ministry of Culture has established a collection of over 2,000 contemporary photos, categorized by region of Israel. A great tool for showing the geographic and cultural diversity that exist in Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces Flickr page houses thousands of photos depicting all aspects of the Israeli Army. An up-to-date and interesting window into the activities of the armed services in Israel.

The office of the Israeli Prime Minister maintains an up-to-date Flickr page chronicling the activities and travels of Israel's leader. Showing meetings with foreign dignitaries, domestic duties and everything else seen by the public, this site highlights many aspects of Israeli government workings.

Yad Vashem has digitized their photo collections, making them free to the public through their website. An easily searchable collection with many priceless images, this resource has photos from Israel/Palestine as well as Europe.

The National Photo Collection of the Government Press Office of Israel has thousands of images searchable by keyword and date as well as some educational activities (educational activities are only in Hebrew).

"First Photos of the Holy Land" is a collection of photos from the late nineteenth century through the 1920's and sorted by geographical region.

University of California Riverside Keystone Mast Collection has over 2,500 photos, many of important Christian sites and other holy places.

The Library of Congress American Colony in Jerusalem Photo Collection (also known as the Matson Collection) has over 10,000 images from the mid-nineteenth century through the twentieth century.

The photo gallery of the Herzl Museum has photos of the early Zionist Congresses as well as major events and travels in Herzl's life.  A. variety of photos (and personal accounts) depicting the illegal immigration of Aliyah Bet

The National Library of Israel has a variety of collections depicting individuals, places and events from over 150 years of history.

League of Nations Photo Archive covers all personalities associated with the Institution including personalities from Palestine in the period prior to statehood.