Suggested Websites for the Study of Modern Israel

Think Tanks & Research Institutes

The Brookings Institution 

This Washington based think tank provides insightful analyses on domestic and foreign policy issues. The Saban Center within Brookings has four or five resident specialists who turn out excellent and thoughtful reviews of contemporary issues, including those relating to the Middle East. Articles can be accessed via topic or world area of interest.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 

This Washington based independent think tank publishes cutting analyses on all international topics, with frequent pieces related to political reform in the Middle East, Islam in politics, and other policy related issues connected to the Middle East. Its home page is particularly user-friendly. Monthly contributions from its "Arab Reform Bulletin" are particularly worthwhile.

The Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy

The Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy is devoted to study of the history, societies, and cultures of the Middle East. Created in the era of peace, the center reflects Israel's emergence as an integral part of the region.

The Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

ICT is a research institute and think tank dedicated to developing innovative public policy solutions to international terrorism. The Policy Institute applies an integrated, solutions-oriented approach built on a foundation of real world and practical experience.

The Israel Democracy Institute is a non-partisan Jerusalem based "Think-and-Do Tank" that devises ways to strengthen the moral and structural foundations of Israeli democracy. Its fellows and programs focus on political reform, national security, religion and state, and constitutional law. Established in 1991, IDI supports Israel's elected officials, civil servants, and opinion leaders as a resource for policy makers as well as a forum for ideas. The staff and researchers at IDI work diligently to promote the values and norms appropriate for Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Founded in 1976, the Jerusalem Center is an interdisciplinary and independent non-profit think tank that publishes high quality analytical pieces on issues relating to Israel and the Jewish world. Researchers,  fellows, and contributors associated with JCPA write on international law, Israeli security, Jerusalem, Middle East diplomacy, US-Middle East policy, European-Middle East policy, Iran, and radical Islam. Notably, the JCPA website provides access to the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs, which houses excellent assessments of Jewish communities world-wide and anti-Semitism as practiced in its varied overt and covert ways.

MERIA: Middle East Review of International Affairs 

This listing was compiled with the permission of MERIA (Middle East Review of International Affairs).

MERIA has been in existence since January 1997. All previous issues of MERIA may be found on its home page. Its purpose is to advance research on the Middle East and foster scholarly communication and cooperation. MERIA produces two complimentary yet distinct elements; its news serves to provide an academic forum for the exchange of information and its articles are superb in-depth analyses of particular issues that relate not just to Israel, but to the entire Middle East. The articles on the Arab World, Israel, and the Middle East are generally of the highest scholarly standard and should be considered among the best available in the English language.

The Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University

The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies is an interdisciplinary research center devoted to the study of the modern history and contemporary affairs of the Middle East and Africa. The Center does not take positions or recommend policies. Through research, publications, conferences, documentary collections, and public service, it seeks to inform civil society and promote dialogue on the complexities of the ever-changing Middle East. In doing so, the Center hopes to advance peace through understanding.

Stiftung for Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin

The Research Unit Middle East and Africa focuses both on the Middle East and North Africa and on sub-Saharan Africa.  The main issues affecting these regions for which pieces are written  include political system change, conflict management, the creation of regional  structures, and external relations. German and European policies vis-a-vis these regions constitute another area of interest. Islam and development  policies  have to be considered issues of particular concern to German and European policy-makers interested in African and Middle Eastern matters. One subject of major interest has been the Elite Change in the Arab World. Not all published pieces are translated, but a significant number are available and worth reading.

Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace

Established in 1992 at Tel Aviv University, The Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace and Research  promotes systematic research on issues connected with peacemaking and conflict resolution. It conducts periodic, mostly monthly surveys that gauge trends in Israeli public opinion, keeps a database on Israeli Palestinian  and Israeli Arab cooperation, and encourages teaching, research, and intellectual collaboration on peacemaking conflict resolution.  Its monthly peace index is published in collaboration with the Jerusalem based Israel Democracy Institute. 

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy 

A public educational foundation dedicated to scholarly research and informed debate on US interests in the Middle East. Under the guidance of a distinguished and bipartisan Board of Advisors, the Institute seeks to bring scholarship to bear on the making of U.S. policy in this vital region of the world. Drawing on the research of its scholars and the experience of policy practitioners, the Institute promotes an American engagement in the Middle East committed to strengthening alliances, nurturing friendships, and promoting security, peace, prosperity, and democracy for the people of the region.

Israel Government Sites

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website has a lot of valuable information and also serves as a portal to other websites. It details the ministry, foreign relations, government, Jerusalem, treaties, peace processes, terrorism, anti-Semitism/Holocaust and international development.  There are also sections titled History of Israel (with official maps) and Facts about Israel.

The Knesset (the Israeli Parliament)

A thorough website on the Israeli legislative branch.

IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

The extensive, well designed website of the IDF

Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations

This site introduces Israel's positions on important U.N. related issues, and offers a full range of information about Israel's activities in the United Nations.

Israel's Prime Minister's Office

Information about the current Prime Minister, his office and advisers, Cabinet Ministers, and past Prime Ministers.

Click for a comprehensive list of Israel's government and government-related websites

Includes links to: Government ministries, other government sites including local governments and kibbutzim websites. Also: Archeology in Israel, Culture, and the Arts, Economic and Business, Education, Health and Medicine, Aliyah information, Youth and Student organizations, New and Media, Elections and Politics, Public Organizations, Tourism, 100 years of Zionism, and Sports.

Media Websites

Daily Israeli Newspapers on the Web

Jerusalem Post


Maariv (in Hebrew only)


Ynetnews is the English-language website from Yedioth Group, and a sister site to Ynet , Israel's leading news web site. Ynetnews provides Jewish communities and others worldwide interested in Israel with the same authoritative, fast, and world-class news reporting and commentary Hebrew-speakers receive from Ynet and "Yedioth Ahronoth," Israel's most-read newspaper.

Yediot Aharanot (in Hebrew only)

Israeli News Radio on the Web

Kol Israel: Voice of Israel News

Arutz Sheva B (Religious-nationalist radio)

Other Media Organizations

CAMERA: Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA)

IMRA is an excellent daily round up/digest of articles, polls, interviews, press reports, and agreements that deal with Israeli domestic and foreign affairs, the Palestinians, and the Middle East at large. IMRA was founded in 1992, by Drs. Aaron and Joseph Lerner, as an ongoing analysis of developments in Arab-Israeli relations. Awarded credentials by the Government of Israel as a news organization, IMRA provides an extensive digest of media, polls and significant interviews and events. The site includes: Israeli public opinion polls performed by Gallup; palestinian public opinion surveys conducted by the Palestinian research centers; summaries of news reports from the Israeli and Arab press and Arab broadcast media; official Israeli and PNA statements; english translations of government reports and memoranda; translations of important unofficial documents; analysis of treaties and agreements.


The ISRAEL21c website offers topics about contemporary Israel that go beyond the conflict. ISRAEL21c is an online news magazine offering the single most diverse and reliable source of news and information about 21st century Israel to be found anywhere. It is a vast resource of thousands of originally written and produced articles, videos, and blogs by some of Israel's leading journalists.  Free from bias or prejudice, ISRAEL21c is a uniquely apolitical nonprofit organization. ISRAEL21c publishes it content daily, and through a weekly newsletter that reaches 50,000 subscribers. Focusing beyond the Middle East conflict, ISRAEL21c offers topical and timely reports on how Israelis from all walks of life and religion, innovate, improve and add value to the world. Our articles show how Israeli efforts have contributed incalculably to the advancement of health-care, environment, technology, culture, and global democratic values worldwide. The site redefines the conversation about Israel, offering a fair and balanced portrayal of the country, and focusing media and public attention on Israel's vibrant diversity, humanity, creativity, innovative spirit, and responsiveness. ISRAEL21c reaches an audience of about 100,000 unique readers every month. Visitors are diverse and include politicians, statesmen, investors, trade officials, and journalists from around the world, as well as a lay audience curious about life and issues facing Israel today.

Other Important Websites

The American Jewish Committee

The American Jewish Committee works to promote pluralistic and democratic societies where all minorities are protected. In addition to its New York headquarters and Office of Government & International Affairs in Washington, AJC operates 33 U.S. offices and 18 international posts. They are an international think tank and advocacy organization that attempts to identify trends and problems early - and take action. Their key areas of focus are combating anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry; Promoting pluralism and shared civic values; Protecting human rights and combating abuses; Asserting Israel's right to exist in peace and security with its neighbors; Safeguarding and strengthening Jewish life.

The Anti-Defamation League

The ADL fights hatred, extremism and terrorism. Their goal is to make the world a safer place. Over the past few years, they have expanded their expertise and capabilities to confront a more dangerous world. Their three priorities are: to gather, analyze and disseminate intelligence on extremism and hate activity; enhance law enforcement's ability to combat serious threats; provide assistance, support, and resources on security to the Jewish community.


Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, is a volunteer women's organization, whose members are motivated and inspired to strengthen their partnership with Israel, ensure Jewish continuity, and realize their potential as a dynamic force in American society.

The Jewish National Fund

The Jewish National Fund is the caretaker of the land of Israel, on behalf of its owners - Jewish people everywhere.

The Shalem Center

Founded in 1994 by scholars and public figures from Israel and the Diaspora, the Shalem Center is a Jerusalem-based research and educational institute dedicated to developing and transmitting ideas in the areas most crucial to the intellectual and public life of the Jewish people.  In carrying out its mission, the Center engages in research, education, and publications in areas that include Jewish moral and political thought,  Zionist history and ideas, Biblical archaeology, democratic theory and practice, strategic studies, and economic and social policy.

The World Zionist Organization

Useful Links and Pages


Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Israel's Story in Maps"

University of Texas Libraries Middle East Map collection

Demographic Information

CIA World Fact Book

Primary Source Documents

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School       

Primary resources galore! Not exclusively pertaining to the Middle East.

The World Zionist Organization

Israel Political Parties/Elections

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs' "Political Structure and Elections"

This site has a detailed and clear explanation of the Israeli political system and elections.

Middle East Conflict/Peace Process Resources

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Middle East Peace Process Guide

This site details negotiations by country and has useful diagrams.