Dr. Ziv Rubinovitz

Ziv Rubinovitz earned his BA and MA from Tel Aviv University, an MA from the Hebrew University,  and his PhD in International Relations from the University of Haifa. His scholarship and publications focus on  Israeli foreign policy issues and Israeli leadership. 

Professor Rubinovitz taught the following courses as a visiting Israeli scholar at the Emory University History Department: 

History of Israeli Foreign Policy (Spring 2015)

The course analyzes Israel's foreign relations, and examines the tension between Israel's geographic location in the Middle East and its Western orientation. It looks at how Israel’s foreign relations emerged from Israel’s Jewish origins, the Palestine Mandate, Israel's relations with the great powers, and the superpowers as well as its regional quest for recognition. 

Zionist and Israeli Political Leadership: Idealism, Realism and Pragmatism (Spring 2015)

The course discusses the political leadership of the State of Israel as an introduction into Israel's political system. The course begins with the pre-state (Yishuv) era and then analyzes the leadership since 1948. The analysis highlights the ideational, realist and pragmatic aspects of Israel's leadership throughout its existence. It discusses the prime ministers and other leading figures, as well as their personal impact and leadership in Israel's history, both in the foreign affairs and security arenas as well as the the domestic arena. It deals with the major events in Israel's history – the establishment of the state, war and peace, domestic political affairs, government-military relations, and dealing with economic and social developments.